Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The cost of GMO phobia

The Farmer's Daughter blogger compared nutrition labels to find that the public's preference for GMO-free food is causing some breakfast cereal companies to change their nutritional content for the worse.

So far she has documented Cheerios, and now Kashi's Go Lean Crisp:

The calories went from 180 per serving to 190 per serving. Saturated fat when from 0 to 0.5g. The potassium went from 250 to 210. Soluble fiber dropped from 5 to 4g, while insoluble fiber went from 3 to 4. Sugar also increased from 10 to 11g. Phosphorus from 15% down to 10%. Iron went from 8% to 10% of RDA. Finally, magnesium went from 10 to 8% of RDA. 
In other words: the non-GMO cereal is less healthy for you. 
Just more proof that the war on biotechnology isn't about health and nutrition and making food safer. It isn't about protecting consumers from "big ag" or "evil Monsanto."

I will add that the change did increase dietary fiber from 30 percent of one's daily need to 32 percent, but that is more than offset by the calorie increase.

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