Thursday, June 12, 2014

Three cheers for Terry Gross

I'm usually not a fan of NPR's Terry Gross, I don't care for fawning interviews with left-wing blind sculptors, but I have to give her props for today's interview with Hillary Clinton where Gross would not let her swamp the interview with hollow chatter and platitudes.

Gross wanted to get the truth out of Clinton for why it took so long for her to publicly support gay marriage. Did she change her opinion recently, or keep her opinion to herself until it was politically feasible to come out as a gay marriage supporter.

I listened to Clinton's response twice and read through a transcript and I'm still not sure what she was saying. The jackals at one-eyed watchdog Media Matters tried to come to her rescue, but all they did was illustrate how muddled her respond was.

It's clear that shoveling horsecrap at a question until it goes away is just watch Hillary does.

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