Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Scracrow is a Scaremonger

It appears I am the last person to have watched Chipotle's beautifully-rendered fearmongering cartoon about the coldness of modern agriculture.

Good grief, talk about romanticizing the past. As one farmer said in response to it, they want our food to be produced using methods from several generations ago, but they don't want the lower standard of living associated with life several generations ago and the two are very much a packaged deal.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, which took in $2.7 billion in revenue and has more than 1,500 locations is a strange bird to wrap itself in anti-corporate feathers, but what other lesson could someone take away from its ad campaign?

I don't normally like to cite Mother Jones, but it appears the real hippies don't care for Chipotle's earthy-crunchy posturing either. The company touts its locally-sourced ingredients, but fails to admit that they make up a small fraction of the menu. It also postures itself as being anti-GMO, anti-factory farm and pro-organic when only portions of its food supply fit that label.

Then there's this billboard ad:

The company has even taken the simply monstrous stance against treating its meat animals with antibiotics. That's not actually true, as the Mother Jones article reminds us, but it is coarse for them insist that sick animals should be denied medical care so they can die a "natural" death.

The only thing customers should be afraid of here is the barbaric way Chiptole believes food should be raised.

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