Sunday, September 8, 2013

Successful econ humor

...and it has nothing to do with Yoram Baugman.

Jeff Smith from the University of Michigan and co-author Kermit Daniel have channeled their eye-rolling at sociologists into an openly-hostile satirical piece where sociological phrases are "translated" into economic ones.

To see how to use the phrase book, consider the sentence 
Those poor people need more money. 
 Look up the word "need" in the Sociology column and replace it with the corresponding economics term, to form the translated sentence 
Those poor people want more money. 
Wasn't that easy? Next time you want to talk to a Sociologist, or - perish the thought - read an article in a Sociology journal, just keep the phrase book handy and you'll have no trouble at all. 

As long time readers, friends and stalkers know, I'm a former sociology minor who defected to economics after finding too many uncompelling arguments from sociologists while economists were quick to provide superior explanations.

The whining, the excuse-making and self-described Marxism that is essential to mainstream sociology needs a good smack here and there, and this piece does it with a wink.

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