Monday, July 22, 2013

Cosmos is coming back

A few years ago when I wrote about the similarities between Carl Sagan and Milton Friedman I noted how they each created a PBS miniseries in 1980 that's still relevant today.

Last year PBS dusted off Friedman's Free to Choose series with a three-part update about how his ideas look today titled Testing Milton Friedman.

Well, now this has been revealed:

I remember about five years ago before I had heard of Neil deGrasse Tyson that Bill Nye would be perfect for a Cosmos reboot. While I'm sure he'd do a great job, NdGT is clearly the best person alive to host this. He captures the joy of science better than anyone else, and he's an astronomer to boot.

I love me some economics, but man, astronomy has such better visuals. I'll take a super nova over Brad Delong's face any day.

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