Sunday, July 28, 2013

Phil Fish is a fussy child

If anyone has seen the documentary Indie Game: The Movie they have had to endure weak-willed hipster Phil Fish. Fish was fortunate enough to receive $74,000 from the Canadian government for his two-man studio to finish the video game Fez but the generous gift wasn't enough to curb his caustic personality and the movie shows him in the throws of several meltdowns.

His latest tantrum wasn't the least bit surprising. After an obnoxious video game reporter pressed him to reveal his opinion on Microsoft's policies on the upcoming Xbox One console Fish posted some angry messages on Twitter then declared he was canceling the Fez sequel and leaving the industry.

There's a subplot in Indie Game: The Movie where Fish is trying to get his ex partner to agree to release the Fez game to the public. The two had a falling out and the partner quit. I assumed that his partner, who never appears on camera or shares his side of the story, quit because Fish is an intolerable child. Now I am sure of it.

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