Sunday, February 24, 2013

Glenn Beck makes retro mistake

Glenn Beck had an interesting choice of words with his reality-free accusation that the Newtown shooter thought he was playing Call of Duty.

For someone under 50 he's incredibly out of touch, as revealed by remarks like "He believed every kill would increase his score."

What score would that be, as they are often absent in modern games. The shooter had those video games because everyone his age has those games. It's like saying all the recent shooters were known to drink water on occasion.

Maybe Beck could have said the shooter was hoping to get an achievement?


  1. It can't be said enough: correlation does not imply causation!

    I'll note that his radio show is pretty damned hilarious when taken as a comedy bit...

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  3. Whenever someone tries to pin the blame for something on video games, all I hear is, "I'm old. I'm so damned old. Ow. My hip. Old old old old old."

    And that applies even if the person is 20.