Friday, February 15, 2013

A cohesive experience

This morning I was assigned to cover a summit on youth employment. The keynote speaker was a labor economist who spoke about the trouble high school students face when trying to get a first job and why it's so crucial to their future that they start working.

What stood out to me was how familiar yet foreign the concepts of labor economics felt. The presentation was upbeat, filled with solid information and easy to follow. It also used reasoning related to opportunity costs, moral hazards and signal theory in ways I was not used to. The experience was dazzling.

Imagine if everyone was assigned a collection of the same 100 Lego pieces and instructed to build something in private. After toying with your ideas for a while you come up with something and add it to a public display. You are then given a chance to see what everyone else came up with and are zapped by the surprise of what you see. Other people have taken those same pieces and arranged them in ways that never occurred to you.

Are there any other fields that offer that experience?

1 comment:

  1. Politics, but they come and steal some of your pieces first.