Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Abortion still doesn't cause breast cancer

We should all oppose all state laws that require doctors to inform patients getting an abortion that the procedure will increase their chance of getting breast cancer. I don't consider my opposition political, as factually speaking, abortion doesn't cause breast cancer.

This law would punish doctors who refuse to lie to patients and present broken theories as medical information. I understand wanting to discourage abortion, but this is dishonest and wrong.

When I looked through my archive for posts that mentioned abortion, I found out I already wrote about this issue more than a year ago when a Republican state rep from Pennsylvania was pushing it. Now the latest state to see this bad policy make progress is New Hampshire.

I do not champion abortion as a sacrosanct human right the way my friends on the left do, but this issue is not about the moral dilemma over abortion. This is about using the armada of the law to promote bad science to trick people into making the decision you want. Even people who oppose abortion should see attempts at passing these bills into legislation as wrong.


  1. As one who strongly opposes abortion, I'll stand with you on this one, Michael. The end does not justify the means. Good entry.

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  3. I'm not so sure about this Michael. My understanding is that women who have had an abortion are more likely to end up with breast cancer later on in life.

    What gets left out of the rhetoric is the fact that miscarriages and still birth also have a similar, if not the same, correlation.

    The other thing I had read is that the later in life a woman has children, the greater the risk of breast cancer (and lots and lots of other things) is. Logically I think that women who have abortions are more likely to be giving birth later in life, unlike years ago when everyone had children in their 20's.

    So what the bulk of the research out there seems to show is that an unsuccessful pregnancy can increase the risk. Abortion only being a portion of those cases, car accidents and illnesses claim babies all the time, and there is the ever popular drugs and alcohol.

    Yes, abortion doesn't cause breast cancer, but dead babies certainly seem to. I would imagine it might be a stress related issue, but I'm just guessing.