Friday, April 20, 2012

Countdown to Trayvon Martin riots

I'm far from the first person to reach this conclusion, but the fervor over the Trayvon Martin case, justified or not, is going to hemorrhage if and when George Zimmerman receives a not-guilty verdict.

At this point, I don't think it will even go to trial, and I'm far from alone on that point either. Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said the court affidavit filed by the prosecutor is so weak it is both "unethical" and "irresponsible" to use it to try someone for second-degree murder. Ken from Popehat agrees, adding "The affidavit is argumentative, it's conclusory, and it lacks attribution."

He also called it "a piece of crap."

As I wrote before, I'm not saying Zimmerman is innocent (or guilty), as I lack godlike knowledge of the events. I am saying there is not enough evidence to convict him. From what we have in the affidavit, it looks like the prosecutor didn't want to dismiss the case because of activist pressure and is trying to go forward with a weak bag of evidence.

Will having the case knocked out by a judge reduce the mob violence? There have already been several cases of black youth assaulting white men in a racially-motivated reaction to the case, even though no white people were involved. This is a volatile situation. There's no way to ever know for sure, but I think there will be less rioting this way, as a judge will be seen as more impartial than a jury if and when the case is rejected.


  1. I dealt with another stellar episode of the "white privilege argument a couple days ago with some leftist friends. It is depressing how out-of-touch the public is with the reality of law and how race is used against us to degrade our freedoms.

  2. Here are the three big questions for me:

    1. Why did Zimmy call 911 in the first place? There is not a single articulable fact of criminal wrongdoing in the entire call. He simply says he looks "suspicious," and goes on to call him "a little a-hole" for absolutely no reason. Could it be because Trayvon was "walking while black" in a gated community that had previously had buglaries committed by other black kids? Ask yourself, do you call 911 everytime you see a black kid walking? No? Then why did Zimmy do it? Maybe Zimmy did see something that would raise reasonable suspicion ... but he didn't articulate to 911.

    2. What about Trayvon's right to self-defense? We all have a right to walk to our homes without being threatened. If some random dude stalks you through your neighborhood and confronts you ina manner you find threatening, don't you have right to defend yourself? Can't Trayvon stand his ground to combat a perceived threat?

    3. IMO, the real issue in this case is whether you can resort to deadly force once you start getting your ass kicked in a fight that you instigated. Did Trayvon go too far in defending himself? For example, if someone is about to kill you, and you knock them out cold, does that mean you can continue to bash their head into concrete? Do you have a free pass to end their life?

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