Saturday, March 12, 2011

There is no link between abortion and breast cancer

...but try telling that to Indiana state Rep. Eric Turner (R), who wants to require doctors to tell patients that having an abortion increases their risk of breast cancer.

The big flaw in Turner's bill is that the evidence shows no link between abortion and breast cancer. So Turner is demanding that doctors tell patients something they know isn't true in order to discourage abortion. Lies are bad enough in politics, but forcing them them into medical world is just sick.

You know, like that awful federal agency created just to promote alternative medicine.

Science has this nasty habit of being politically inconvenient. Look at the big fuss Maine liberals made when Gov. Paul LePage said he wouldn't ban the chemical BPA. It didn't matter that he was following the World Health Organizations recommendations. In both cases, opponents pulled up some minor study or something thrown together by an activist hack and declared science is on their side, or it's at least contested. That's not how it works, folks, and beware of any scientific debate fought with press releases.

Leave science to the scientists, Eric. We've got enough trouble as it is.

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