Saturday, January 10, 2015

You are right, but for even better reasons than you think

John Herrman's list of 2015 predictions is worth your time checking out. Here are some highlights.

It will be declared problematic to call things or people “stupid.” This one’s been coming for a while, and it’s finally time. Unlike empathetic identity-based problematicals, this one will serve only the powerful. Its enforcers will disingenuously adopt the language of social justice.

I almost agree. I don't think there's anything disingenuous about people who adopt the language of social justice for silly causes. I think they are entirely sincere but are simply off the rails.

There will be a backlash not against podcasts but against the podcasting voice, which is really an extension of Ira Glass voice [30 seconds of post-rock] which is a mutation of NPR voice.

As someone in the process of starting a podcast, I say good. I want to hear people speak their minds, not hushed tones carefully pronounced in a yuppie log cabin.

My absolute favorite out of the bunch is this pessimistic view of intellectual discourse articles.

No human, for the entirety of 2015, will be convinced of anything but his own rightness by any “explainer” site. They will become extremely popular, fully stocked with “Perfect Response” and “Reasons Why” posts that are first and foremost affirming to the reader, and secondarily intended to demonstrate the rightness and virtue of the sharer. One high-growth post-type in 2015: “You’re Right, But For Even Better Reasons Than You Think.”

We've already seen a growth in How To Win Thanksgiving Arguments posts, written for the family members that everyone dreads seeing during the holidays. Not for a response to the dreaded family member, mind you, but for them to read and recite.

Hat tip to Tyler Cowen for the link.

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