Sunday, January 4, 2015

Can't the Koch brothers catch a break?

The Koch brothers could cure cancer and there would be progressive speculating that they must just want to start selling cigarettes.

Once again, Charles Koch has made headlines by doing something that progressives love, and hard-core lefties have been left mouth-agape, completely blindsided by the latest round of positive civic action from the billionaires. This time around Charles Koch is trying to rework the criminal justice system to help the impoverished get fair treatment.

You know, one of the issues progressives absolutely love.

We see the same thing whenever their libertarian streaks come out such as support for gay marriage, or drug legalization. What about the $20 million they gave to the ACLU to fight the PATRIOT Act?Befuddled lefties trip over themselves when told about these activities because they are seeing that their caricature was wrong.

And please don't mistake these activities for recent developments

Koch has also earned praise from outgoing U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who told The Marshall Project that Koch's donation to the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, which funds training for attorneys who represent those in need, was a positive force. According to reports, Koch has been a supporter of the organization since 2004. 

That's 11 years of donations to the NACDP, back when angry liberals weren't focusing all of their hatred on the Koch brothers and Monsanto, but on George W. Bush and his administration.

While I oppose their funding of groups that deny climate science, I find just about everything else they do to be positive. Let's hope they succeed with their efforts to change the criminal justice system.

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