Saturday, November 29, 2014

The American Nazi Partywants socialism

As someone with the opinion that the evidence clearly shows that the Nazis were indeed socialists in thought and pracitse, I've often wondered if their silly cousins in the American Nazi Party are also socialists.

Having stumbled across an unintentionally funny Twitter post from the American Nazi Party, I've spent a little bit of time looking over their blog and Twitter feed and it's pretty clear they are rabid anti-capitalists who want a smothering nanny state. It's possible that they may not see that as a direct form of socialism, where the workers control the means of production, but it's indecipherable from the far left today.

For example, look at these ramblings from the blog:

The USA has the most billionaires in the world. How much is enough? Why do people need billions of dollars, rather then mere millions? There is so much want, in this country, and so many who have nothing. To allow this kind of situation, shows this country's value system is messed up, to say the least. 
The USA is number one in corporate profits. A corporation is an organization, not a human being. They get "rights" by law. Yet their purpose is to make profits, NOT help people or end misery. Giving carte blanche to corporate entities is just asking for trouble. Which in time comes, as witness the Great Depression/Great Recession. 
The USA is number one when it comes to CEO salaries. The Great Recession, showed this group of people make unholy amounts of money, and in many cases, it was wholly undeserved as their job performance wasn't just subpar, but downright horrendous. Again, how much is enough? I don't think anyone deserves to be paid a king's ransom as a salary, no matter how great a job they do.

It goes on and on, and every word of it is indistinguishable from an Occupy Wall Street protest flyer. That is, until capitalism comes up and Judaism is tacked onto it.

People constantly ask why National Socialism opposes Judeo-Capitalism. Good question. The Jews are smart. This intelligence is used to raise their lot in life. A normal practice. Unfortunately, they get too powerful, and end up with undue influence.

Calling capitalism a Jewish institution was a Nazi talking point as well, for what it's worth.

I understand fulling that the American Nazi Party is merely an interpretation of the Third Reich, and it's possible that their beliefs could have diverged on some issues. This isn't a slam dunk for the debate over how socialist the Nazis were, but it does answer my question as to how socialist the American clubhouse is.


  1. Lovely that you have the luxury of arm-chair musing while global warming threatens, America shows no sign of its endless quest to bring the entire planet under its control and Israel proves that is no better than South African under apartheid (in fact worse). I have no idea about the American Nazi party or whatever it is. But why don't you define yourself as what you are instead of seeking out things to be against? As for the occupy movement why do you shove it in here as if it was a dirty word. It tried to draw attention to Wall street criminality.Note that to this day NOONE has been charged due to the financial scams which led to the Wall street created financial crisis. Evidentally thats something that doesnt bother you in the same way that mass human suffering doesn't seem to bother you at all either.

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