Friday, November 7, 2014

Announced minutiae is not sexy

When I was a kid I was occasionally targeted by various national campaigns intended to encourage high school graduation percentages and educational engagement. A lot of them incorporated the hackneyed rhyming phrase "School is cool" which was always, always presented in a manner incompatible with actual coolness.

Did they think if they said it enough times it would become true? Was the person who invented the phrase told that they had done something honest, profound and effective? Did anyone ever believe it?

In a parallel campaign, college feminists push the phrase "Consent is sexy" by which they mean asking verbal permission and meeting a specific set of standards dictated by a third party makes a sexual encounter hotter. Even social justice warriors don't buy that claim.

Without a hint of irony or self-awareness, the patronizing "Feminism for Bros" YouTube series showed just how incredibly un-sexy it is to ask for verbal permission before every step during a sexual encounter, including mood-killers like "Can I kiss you" and crawling escalations like "Can I kiss your neck."

Conversation during a sexual encounter can be a great thing and when done right, will enhance the mood and build trust. However, mandatory formalities and announcing every tiny thing you do before it happens are not stimulating and it shows a complete lack of trust and intimacy.

See the video for yourself but be warned, your resulting nausea will be more arousing than anything you're about to see.

The flashing messages at the end are right out of 1984. Imagine if Orwell had opened with "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength, Consent is Sexy."

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  1. Verbal consent is way more sexy than what is probably coming, where you have to have a notary public standing by to notarize the signed consent forms.