Friday, July 4, 2014

Here's what you get when you tolerate black racists

I absolutely loathe the way some racists get a pass today because they're black.

Some white liberals, not all but some, are quick to excuse or dismiss black racists, saying they are justified or inconsequential. Some won't even call them racists and tout a phony definition of racism that requires one to have societal power in order to qualify.

For example, Spike Lee gets to glare at interracial couples and complain about white people moving into black neighborhoods, but is held up as someone we can learn from about race.

I had a college professor who said she wasn't welcome at a friend's wedding because her friend's black mother has hated white people ever since KKK members killed someone in her family. In her defense, my professor didn't give that woman a pass, but sadly many will.

It's as logical as saying someone who was mugged by a Korean man is allowed to be prejudice against all Koreans. My professor wasn't even from this country, but was seen as guilty of a murder that took place before she was born. Racism is racism, it's as simple as that.

Well that logic doesn't seem to convince everyone, so adding fuel to the fire is this interview with Tamera Mowry-Housley, former co-star of the sitcom Sister, Sister, about the harassment she is receiving for marrying a white man.

Black racists are harassing a bi-racial woman for her interracial marriage. How can anyone consider that tolerable? Black racists are not cute or novel, and they target minority members too. They are racists and all racists should be treated the same, no matter what color they are.

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  1. "All racists should be treated the same, no matter what color they are."
    I see what you did there.