Monday, July 14, 2014

Carol Tavris is ready for war

Social psychologist Carol Tavris apparently stole the show at this year's Amazing Meeting scientific skepticism conference by taking the feminist branch head-on with her talk about apply skepticism to rape allegations.

From my perspective, the skepticism community has developed a social justice tumor that is trying to turn skepticism into a generic left wing group. Their efforts include trying to get skeptic groups to advocate for abortion rights and using affirmative action in organizations and conferences.

For example, members of that camp have taken the stance that accusations of sexual assault or sexual harassment are exempt from evidence and the accused should be assumed guilty. In February Tavris wrote an essay about why that is wrong and how accusers can lie, be manipulated into lying or obtain false memories of abuse.

Tavris continued that theme in her talk, which I have not heard. However, conference organizers have promised to post Tavris's talk. Until then, one of her targets says she is aware of the talk and is waiting to see it for herself, but did make a collection of Twitter remarks about the talk that gives us a glimpse.

Tavris cited an Occidental College case where two drunk students willingly had sex, and text messages show both were into it, but afterwards the female student changed her mind and the school is charging the male student with rape. She also criticized modern feminism and rape statistics that claim their is a crisis on college campuses.

I am patiently waiting to see the video of the talk for myself, but it's clear in the meantime that Tavris has declared war on the social justice faction of skepticism.

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