Saturday, May 31, 2014

Do PBS stations have parking lots?

I was watching PBS's "lexicon of sustainability" web video on land trusts and family farms, which is the idea of propping up doomed family farms with a one-time payment in exchange for legally blocking the land from most kinds of development, when the narrator said this will help save the farms from becoming "parking lots for corporate industrial parks."

Why is it whenever a family farm is at risk of being shut down, the land is always destined to become a parking lot? How come it's never a youth center, hospital, minority-owned business, public park, ethnic restaurant, hospice center, soccer field, church, solar array or, say, abortion clinic?

Maybe it's because family farms are cursed lands only suitable for dirty corporate uses, and no moral person has ever had trouble finding a place to park their vehicle.

Or, maybe it's because without shallow, emotional arguments the viewer would see how un-sustainable small family farms really are.

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