Friday, May 9, 2014

Airplane sexism

A short essay from a mom who doesn't want men to be allowed to sit next to her kids on an airplane has drawn some much-needed criticism. The idea that all men should be considered rapists and pedophiles, and treated as such until proven otherwise, is a modern sickness

I came across the following comment from a man named Michael in Virginia that is worth preserving here:

I once got on a standby flight that was filled up by a travelling youth group (a choir or something) and one of the chaperons pitched a fit with the airline when they tried to give me the one empty seat. Her argument was that the seat was paid for, but the ticket holder was out sick. I wasn't sure why she was making such a big deal out it until I realized that I was an adult male and these were teenage girls. Believe me, if anyone was getting abused on this flight, it was going to be me. I just wanted to put on headphones and listen to music and drown out the chatter. 
After many arguments with various airline personnel, including the captain of the plane, the woman finally compromised by having the seats reshuffled so I was sitting in between two chaperons and not next to any of the girls, which really irritated me more because I was now forced to sit for three hours next to a woman who thinks I am a rapist.

Treating adult men and adult women differently is sexism, and it's disturbing to see how often pedophilia is on the minds of some parents.

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