Thursday, December 20, 2012

TED spread is catching on

A few months ago I wrote about TED spread, where the TED lecture series is being compromised by its own success, as the demand for TED events causes organizers to accept speakers with ideas that are not actually worth spreading.

Now TED organizers are trying to warn organizers of spin-off "TEDx" events to watch out for charlatans. Unfortunately, some of the TEDx organizers are pseudoscience believers themselves and will keep promoting nonsense under the TED banner.

From the article I learned that science writer Carl Zimmer took a similar anti-TED stance six months ago, where he also discussed how some videos can be good and others are worthless pseudoscience. It's true that Zimmer wrote his article before mine, and he went into more detail about why an specific video was terrible information, but does he have a catchy rhyming name like "TED spread" under his belt? No he does not.

Your move, Mr. Zimmer.

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