Friday, May 25, 2012

Bloggers vs. bomber

I'll take any opportunity to put a boot in when a bully tries to thwart free speech and meets an organized resistance. Brett Kimberlin is the brute in question today, and this post is a mere trickle of a mass blogging wave about his violent past and loathsome treatment of critics.

Here's the skinny, Kimberlin is a political activist who is also a convicted domestic terrorist. Kimberlin was convicted for leaving explosive devices in Indiana in 1978. One of his victims was horribly maimed and as a result, took his own life. He did a lot more, but that's his biggest crime.

Kimberlin was paroled in 1994, went back to prison for refusing to pay a settlement to a victim's family, and was released again in 2001 and has since had success as a political activist. Besides being involved with the extremist VelvetRevolution website, he organizes the Justice Through Music Program out of Washington D.C.

Kimberlin was born into a wealthy family and has used those resources and his time in prison to develop a Max Cady style approach to using the legal system to harm his victims.When blogger Aaron Worthing wrote factual posts about Kimberlin's past, he was targeted with a lawsuit, among other things. Kimberlin has also filed legal actions against other people who merely wrote about the initial lawsuit.

It's called the Streisand Effect when a thug censor tries to keep something under wraps, but the attempt to censor ends up drawing more attention to the case. Ironically, the Barbara Streisand Foundation is a donor to Kimberlin's Justice Through Music Project, along with the Tides Foundation and the Heinz Family Foundation, which is managed by the spouse of U.S. Senator John Kerry.

I am not participating in this mass blogging event because Kimberlin's political activism runs contrary to my own (and boy does it). I am proud to join any fight to thwart a powerful opponent of free speech.

I am not presenting this information as my opinion, but as factual events. To be clear, I hope to join a group of people in overwhelming Kimberlin with too many targets to pursue. I hope that spreading this information will harm Kimberlin's reputation, make it difficult for him to find funding and cause him emotional harm.

Bring it on.


  1. You mean "Velvet Revolution," not "Velvet Underground."

  2. It amazes me that conservatives have nothing better to do.

    You attacking some guy, that no one I asked on the left has heard of. And your suggesting he is some kinda of online attacker with his 90s era website?

    Do check the validity of what you are told or do you just say what your told to say?

  3. I only print what the Koch brothers pay me to write, Jimmy.

    Please tell me why opposing a censoring bully is a conservative action on my part. I never said he is a prominent figure of the left, as you are implying. I want to see his anti-speech crusade stopped, and if you don't agree with that, please explain why.