Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where is this godless Democratic party I keep hearing about?

It's no secret that there's an overwhelming base of left wing politics in both scientific skepticism and secular communities. I recently wrote that skeptics should reconsider their assumption that a progressive government will select competent people who understand and respect science to run the country. I used this as a platform for them to consider becoming libertarians. This time, I want secular people to consider being anything other than Democrats.

In 2010 gay conservative Andrew Sullivan said:
Certainly gay people do not want to become a Democratic party constituency that is totally taken for granted, which is of course what has happened. When you have no leverage over a party, they don't do anything for you except take your money and invite you to cocktail parties, which is all that's happened in two years under Obama with two houses of Congress.
The secular world is extremely left wing, and everyone knows it, including the Democratic party. That's why they don't do anything for atheists. They know the heathens will never run to the GOP and making secular issues central will only scare off the religious voters they are struggling to court.

Remember how the atheist community made a big deal out of the time in early 2010 when the Secular Coalition for America got to meet with a handful of President Obama's staff? Some fools on the right tried to read too much into it, but it was just for show, like the shout-out Obama gave to non-believers during his inauguration. He's the same president who not only tolerated Bush's Faith-Based Initiatives, but actually expanded them.

I am not expecting the secular community to go to the GOP that treats secular people with contempt or switch to some hopeless fringe group like the National Atheist Party. Instead, I'd like my fellow godless heathens to consider leaving the Democrats and joining the Green Party or registering as independents for a little while until they win you back with some real change.

My friends, the Democrats aren't doing anything for the secular community. They don't think you'll ever leave. Make them set down the Bible and earn your vote.


  1. I think this just comes down to the same situation that the Libertarians are in when they throw their arms in the air and vote Republican. Sure, we realize that the Democratic party isn't exactly championing our cause, but there just isn't a Green or Independent candidate that has any chance of winning. Should we really waste our vote and allow someone like Governor Perry or Senator Santorum to win who will actively attack us instead of just a Democrat who will give us lip service?

    Democrats just have a better track record on this and the gay issue. Sure, I wish they were doing a LOT more, but our country will only tolerate so much right now.

    And who knows what kind of political clout President Obama could gain from a victory this year. With a second term where he can strive to make a name for himself in the history books (outside of the one he already has), I could see amazing things for gay and secular rights. Or, of course, I could be somewhat let down. But, again, not nearly as let down as in a Perry or Santorum presidency.

  2. I'm not the most politically savvy person, but I know enough to have never been a Democrat in the first place.

  3. One minor correction: Andrew Sullivan is only a "conservative" in that bizarro world in which he defines the term himself.

  4. Not that the Dems should get *credit* for this, but when the wind is at your back, doing nothing has some value: It puts time on the clock while lowering the risk of interception. Especially in this polarized environment, Dems actively fighting for gay rights is likely to ignite harmful knee-jerk opposition and rally bigots. Instead, the battle is being won through a more connected and aware culture (social networks where gays have faces, friends, and family) and where people can more easily learn about how real policies affect real people.

    I wish I could say Democrats were using the same technique towards drug policy, but it's still true that you can never lose elections by promising to crack down on drugs. The wind has sure changed direction, though.

  5. While I agree with you to a certain extent, Michal, it appears evident to me that what Chris Lackey stated is closer to the truth than what you have written. Though I find myself much closer to an Independent viewpoint than a Democratic one, in this country where only two electable camps exist, it comes down to picking the lesser of two evils.

    Granted, I must admit that this line of thinking is most likely very similar to that which has run through many other heads, and I wonder if I am only propagating the issue by not taking a stand and registering Independent. If everyone with similar thoughts could do the same, maybe the Independent, Green Party, or Libertarian Parties could attain something that hasn't been seen: an electable candidate. Something to think about, surely.