Friday, January 13, 2012

How corporations are like bad politicians

There's a misconception that libertarians, capitalists and supporters of free enterprise love corporations. We stick up for them sometimes, we want them to have certain rights and abilities and we trust them more than government entities.

Some of us don't even prefer small businesses to large corporations.

But that doesn't mean we love large corporations. I support corporate personhood, but I'm also concerned with corporations gaming the system and using political influence to conquer the marketplace.

I don't consider these positions contradictory in any way. Imagine the worst politician possible, someone who takes bribes from racist drug dealers to force children to be videotaped in public school bathrooms.

Would you expect someone who strongly believes in democracy or republicanism to defend that politician?

Of course not, because we understand that the belief is in the game and not the players.

The same is true for capitalism. I fully understand that some corporations will do awful, stupid, unethical or dangerous things. I don't excuse those failures, but I find them easier to tolerate than the problems caused by alternative systems.

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