Thursday, March 10, 2011

GOP wins the battle of the loopholes

The unions just lost in Wisconsin because the republicans got out of the quorum requirement by placing the collective bargaining issue in a non-budget vote.

I usually avoid linking Fox News articles because readers may dismiss it as slanted, so if that bothers you just pretend this was part of an editorial:

Senate Democrats have been in hiding in Illinois for nearly three weeks in an effort to keep the legislation from advancing (a reminder: Indiana House Democrats also remain in hiding to block a school choice plan). The Wisconsin Senate Democrats swiftly denounced the Republicans’ breach of parliamentary protocol. Democrats said that the two-hour public meeting notice on the vote was inadequate despite approval from the nonpartisan clerk of the state Senate.

But it was not lost on local reporters that it was more than a little churlish for people who have been hiding in Illinois motels for nearly a month to block legislative action to be lecturing anyone about procedural niceties.

I can already see the left crying foul. Well, all the republicans did was close that loophole with one of their own.

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