Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Left wing: Knock it off too

Perhaps inspired by the Right's recent partisan nonsense, the Left has combined into it's mighty giant robot battle form - the offended offensive.

With a face full of crocodile tears, Democrats passed a foolish "resolution of disapproval" for Republican Joe Wilson of South Carolina this week, which is essentially a piece of hate mail with the official government letterhead.

I've heard of UN resolutions with more teeth than this official government vote.

Wilson sophomorically yelled "You lie!" at President Obama during a joint session of congress. In his defense, he did apologize directly to the president, but then he refused to make a Mel Gibson/Michael Richards style coast-to-coast apology tour.

While Wilson's childish outburst was certainly nothing new in Washington, it has echoed into the sound bites, press releases and money-raising schemes of the nation, in various degrees of plausibility.

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