Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Attention fellow right wingers: Knock it off

I thought we agreed a few years ago that the left was suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome; where their response to anything Bush did was an automatic protest. For example, if Bush purchased a pair of wool socks, you'd see college students dressed as sheep with "Bush is Ba-a-ad" signs.

It's like they didn't even have to think about it.

Now Obama is president, and people on the right have learned how to protest. I'm sure most of us can remember looking at the weekly left wing cry-in with a feeling of annoyance. We were better than that, weren't we?

Apparently, not all of us.

I'm throwing my lot in with David Horowitz when I ask my fellow conservatives to take a day off now and then. Specificly, the responce to Obama's message to America's students this week.

There way I understand it, Obama originally planned to ask students to write him and to work together. Up came the placards. So instead, Obama delivered an unremarkable "study hard, stay in school" speech that did encourage kids to face potential failure and take responcibility for their studies.

So why was this controverstial?

It really shouldn't have been. While I don't like the head of the executive branch being presented as the important individual of the political system - that was the point of checks and balances - the office of president does carry some respect. The president has the right to deliever a non-political message to the American youth. Teachers also have the right to put up a framed picture in the their classroom without it turning into 1984.

There are plenty of things Obama is doing to speak out against - the appointment of Czars, the assault on capitalism, his broken promise to not be just another politian and his troubling list of allies. If we waste our time on things like this, we sacrifice our future credibility.

Come on righties - take a hard look at the situation and leave the partisian politics to the other guys.

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