Saturday, March 15, 2014

Massimo Pigliucci gets a gold star

Three years ago I wrote a thank-you letter to Richard Dawkins for being a left wing atheist who made conservative/libertarian people like me feel welcome in secular circles.

Yesterday Massimo Pigliucci spoken in defense of people like me having a place at the secular table, even though he is a far leftist.

The point is: so what? What does any of the above, including abortion, fiscal conservativeness (or not), support for the military (or not), owning guns (or not), and liking or disliking Obama have to do with atheism? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

If there is a reason to criticize David Silverman, it is because he made the same mistake that a lot of progressive atheists make these days: thinking that atheism is somehow logically connected to one political position or another. It isn’t, and it can’t be, and it’s time to stop pretending it is.

Thank you Massimo, from the bottom of my godless heart.

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