Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Not surprising - armed progressives also support the second amendment

I just read an article about The Liberal Gun Club, a left wing pro-firearm group with a notable California branch.

This quotation sums it all up:

"If I walk into a gun store with an Obama T-shirt - which I wouldn't wear, because he's too conservative - I don't fit," joked Eric Wooten, a longtime California Democratic Party activist and member of the Liberal Gun Club.

There's even local purchasing preference shout-outs in the group:

"I grow my own vegetables; I bake my own bread," Hoeber said. She makes her own ammunition "for the same reason ... cost savings, more control and higher quality."

What I find most interesting is that while the members are against the NRA, they hold all of the same political positions about guns and gun control. They mock the term "assault weapon," as everyone should, and oppose efforts to put restrictions on weapons, such as the number of rounds allowed in a magazine. They also oppose registration and increased background checks.

The group also views monetary disincentives to gun ownership, such as ammunition taxes, as "class barriers" blocking the poor from exercising their constitutional rights.

What we can all learn from this group is how universal the views on gun laws are from the people who actually own and use guns. Even though these members are hardcore progressives, they all recognize the second amendment as an individual right, not a collective one, and see gun control as a farce that only restricts the freedoms of law-abiding gun owners.

When experience causes people from radically different perspectives to arrive at the same conclusion, outsiders should sit back and take note.

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