Sunday, August 4, 2013

Goofy feminism is tenured feminism

Because everyone loves beating a dead horse, here's a video of Richard Dawkins talking about feminists who called Isaac Newton's Principia Mathematica a "rape manual" and condemned other physics discoveries as sexist.

The feminist who smeared a classic book on physics as sexist is Sandra Harding, a professor of gender studies at UCLA.

Of course.

Of course Harding is a professor. Of course she is tenured. I often hear the defense that the wacky things come from the fringes. Well, the fringes are tenured.

Luce Irigaray, who proposed the idea that fluid mechanics is neglected by scientists because it is a metaphore for feminity was merely a PhD student and is now an influential philosophy author, but that idea was championed by N. Katherine Hayles, who taught at UCLA, University of Iowa, University of Missouri–Rolla, the California Institute of Technology, and Dartmouth College and is now a tenured professor at Duke.

Of course.

Sadly, the fringes are the ones in academia, both the professors and the students. It's the moderates who are separated from the formal structure. Modern, third-wave feminism is rotten from the top and only separation from the elites allow feminists to be moderate.

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