Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mitch tries to Switch

I didn't write anything before about Rep. Sen. Rand Paul's excellent Fillibuster last week because I had nothing to add that hasn't been written 1,000 times elsewhere.

What has also been written elsewhere, but I don't think enough, is the lame 11th hour attempt fellow Republican senator from Kentucky Mitch McConnell made to get on the bandwagon. This includes joining in on the filibuster after it had national attention and was nearly done and trying to frame it as a a partnership between himself and Paul.

For example, the above image is introduced on McConnell's official Facebook page with the line "Add your name to join Mitch & Rand's fight against Obama's drone policies" followed by a link to a useless online petition that declares one Stands with Mitch & Rand.

At least in his fundraising emails on the issue McConnell's staff had the decency to put Rand Paul's name first.

If it interests you, I spent the better part of an hour listening to the filibuster in one window and watching a Super Ghost 'n Ghouls legit speed run in another. It turns out there is time to defeat the penultimate boss with the bracelet if you get closer, and you can get Democrats to turn on the president if you keep at it long enough.

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  1. The man staged a political coup of the highest order. He is a master.