Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gay marriage in Maine

While I will be voting in Massachusetts to legalize medical marijuana and doctor assisted suicide on Tuesday, my former neighbors in Maine have a vote to legalize gay marriage.

I understand some people think of this as redefining marriage. I think that is correct to an extent and it's also why we need to pass this law. Everything I wrote about this issue back in 2009 is true today when it was last on the ballot.

I confess to suspecting a lot of things about homosexuality, but only knowing two of them for sure: Gays exist, and they are not going to go away. 
With those two points in mind, we need to make sure our laws coincide with reality. Right now in Maine there are thousands of romance stories between people of the same gender that will be here on Nov. 4 no matter what the outcome.

Our current views of marriage are outdated and passing Question 1 will give them a needed update.


  1. You should reconsider the assisted suicide issue. The method that will be permitted by law is atrocious. 100 pills? I'm ok with it being legal, a persons body is their property, I wouldn't vote for this iteration though.

    Nitrogen asphyxiation. Quick, painless, clean, nontoxic, and best of all, cheap. Put the mask on, turn the valve and fall asleep.

  2. That nuance would not be reflected with a No vote. I'd rather pass it the way it is and go back and improve it.

  3. Is the reason you had a Facebook profile picture advocating a 'No' vote because you suspect 'a lot of things about homosexuality'? Or are your trolling and sexually immature suspicions two separate issues?