Saturday, October 27, 2012

An election request

Last winter I predicted I will vote for a doomed candidate to help skew the figures ever so slightly toward a third political party. I have decided to "throw my vote away" on Gary Johnson, someone I don't have to make any compromises in supporting.

My vote will have no real impact in Massachusetts, a state that will go to President Barack Obama, so how could I waste something that has no value?

With that aside, I am making a simple request to any reader who is voting for one of the two mainstream candidates:

Will you just admit you don't like them?

People in 2008 were entranced by Barack Obama. That feeling is deader than disco today after his failure as a president. His supporters just fear the world will explode is Mitt Romney is elected president. Will you please admit that you hate Romney more than you like Obama?

Romney supporters are no better. Few of them seem to really think he's a candidate to admire. They just would rather have anyone who is not Obama in office. Nearly anyone, in fact. Will you kindly admit that?


  1. Admitted without hesitation! Though, I'll admit that Romney has grown on me quite a bit more than expected.

  2. I thought this was true, but honestly, after watching Romney at the convention and in the debates, I like him and want to vote for him.

    In the primaries, he wasn't even close to my candidate. Once it was clear he'd win the nomination, it was definitely a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils.

    As of now, I like Romney and will vote for him. I could have fulfilled your quest earlier this year, but not anymore.

  3. As someone who hasn't decided between Romney and Johnson, I admit that there are many policies I disagree with Romney on (at least candidate Romney), but there are also many policies I disagree with Gary Johnson on (foreign policy, for example). Those differences pale in comparison to what I disagree with Obama on.

    I wouldn't say I dislike any of the candidates, only their policies. At the same time, I don't admire either Obama or Romney. It's unlikely I'll ever admire a mainstream candidate.

    Finally, it's not that I'd rather have anyone but Obama. I'd rather have anyone less liberal than Obama. I wouldn't vote for anyone more liberal than he, although I might vote for Obama over someone that's only marginally less liberal because I like what the Obama administration has done with transparency and technology.

  4. What exactly have they done with transparency? This administration has been just about as transparent as the average piece of plywood.

    Unfortunately the political world isn't divided into people you agree with 100% and everyone else. It's not that I would have anyone except Obama, I would vote for him were the other option someone with whom I disagree with on more points.

    As you'll remember from my latest post on seperation of powers, Michael:

    "If the Constitution were held in higher esteem by our elected officials, we would not only be safer, but we wouldn’t be forced every four years to choose between candidates on the basis of which rights we are most content to relinquish."

    One simply has to make the choice that will have the least negative impact from one's own point of view.

    Opportunity cost anyone?