Sunday, September 30, 2012

I saw this posted on Facebook today:

More jobs lost! Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, maker of the military Black Hawk helicopter, became the latest defense contractor to announce that they will be cutting 570 jobs in Connecticut due to the defense budget cuts imposed by the Obama administration. "It’s a real blow to the community because they were a major employer," Chemung County, CT Executive Tom Santulli said. Are you concerned that defense spending cuts are cutting jobs and affecting the military as other countries are increasing their militaries?

A quick Google search showed the plant is actually in New York state, but the rest of the details line up.

The fallacy we're seeing here is the old ruse that because spending cuts always costs someone their job we should never issue then. It's the same bogus logic if the supposed victims are soliders or firefighters.

It's bogus to criticize President Barack Obama's policies for the destruction of obsolete or low-priority positions. However, President Obama only has himself to blame for pushing a mythical economic model where the economy is helped by using taxpayers money to keep people busy with worthless chores and creating jobs is a goal unto itself. His foolish critics are just spooning his own idiot porridge back to him.

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  1. "...spooning his own idiot porridge back to him."
    So many folks buy into this notion that taxpayers should fund jobs for the sake of someone having a job. We'd nearly be better off just giving these people the money and telling them to try to invent something that the world needs in the meantime.