Friday, June 15, 2012

Wisconsin Epilogue

Something has bugged me since I wrote about Scott Walker's victory in Wisconsin last week and responded to the talking point about his ability to raise eight times as much money as his opponent.

I have since learned those numbers are highly misleading. The failed opposition spent a lot of soft money that wasn't counted in the comparisons, the comparison leaves out union money spent early in the process and then there's the money spent on other candidates. It's not like the left had trouble getting their message out, and those comparisons don't include the massive rallies and demonstrations the left held that were very much a part of the campaign.

After all that chanting about how this is what democracy looks like, the election results was treated by some members of the left as the end of democracy because their side didn't win.

Even though it's blatant idiot hunting, here's some cheers for the assassination of Walker by members of the left who felt a little too confident in their interpretation of events.

Walker won fair and square, and by a larger margin than when he was elected governor in 2010 against the same opponent.

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  1. Hopefully I'll be able to stop laughing before the general election.