Friday, March 23, 2012

How did I miss that?

I was checking my Google Analytics page and saw something curious from last week.

It turns out Bryan Caplan had linked to my intellectual Turing test post, where I answered questions using leftist economic arguments and mixed them in with answers given by my Keynesian friends. This spike was about 150 percent of the size of the spike I got when I spoke at TAM 9 last July.

Caplan had a good question about why only two of the six questions concerned macroeconomics, thus being more saltwater than Keynesian. That's an error on my part, as I failed to request any distinction when I asked Josh Zelinsky to draft six economic questions for the experiment.

Regardless, I am an order of magnitude below Caplan's ability. The test could best be described as an attempt to make left-wing economic arguments, as opposed to a specifically Keynesian model.

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  1. I'm no expert on writing, and you're an order of magnitude above me, but "Order of magnitude" was used in two blog posts in a row. Just stood out for me - fyi.