Sunday, June 19, 2011

Don't let nutcases write their own introductions

BoingBoing writes:

Meanwhile, outside, "a bunch of politically articulate, highly intelligent, engaged individuals: many of whom are scarily young and energetic" have gathered outside the Bilderberg's conference hotel in Switzerland to gather and report what they can:
This yarn always bugged me, about how well informed and intelligent activists are who downloaded all their views from a 1,500 word PDF file or copied them out of the brochure in their back pocket.

You are not politically astute because you allow exposure to one side of an argument to move you to action, especially if that action includes wearing a stupid costume in a line of sign-wielding social misfits chanting slogans.

What they refer to as "educating" people is really an incestuous closed-loop information life cycle, where an idea is passed from seasoned activist to new recruit without any exposure to outside context or contrary views, and that new recruit grows into the next generation of activist without ever venturing outside the ideological camp.


  1. And what are your thoughts on Bilderburg Group... or rather the conspiracy theorists?

  2. I think it's silly nonsense. I don't believe in any large conspiracy theories, and this "new world order" silliness is easy to mock.

  3. Where is Alex Jones when you need him? :-)

    Hearing people talk about these nutty things is really great in the middle of the night and on weekends. Outside of that it really is annoying and self destructive.