Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Democrats get help from Tea Party to thwart GOP, Obama

A coalition of House Democrats and "Tea Party" Republicans stoop up to the GOP and President Obama yesterday and blocked an extension of the Patriot Act.

Does this mean that my lefty friends are going to thank the Tea Party for something? Maybe, maybe not. The embarrassing thing is that most of the freshmen GOP did vote to extend the act, and this issue is far from over, but what matters here is enough of them did vote against it.


  1. The embarrassing thing is that our Congress came up with this at all and that the courts don't do anything against the Act which is so blatantly unconstitutional and immoral.

  2. They aren't going to thank the tea parties for anything, especially after 2012 when the dems lose the senate, and possibly the presidency.

    The thought of having a bunch of tea party types in charge and possibly having to actually stand on your own two feet is a scary thought for a lot of liberals.

    Besides liberals are fine with the patriot act, they were never really concerned about it. Well they were, but only when it was Bush. The fact is if it had been an Obama initiative it would have a fantastic achievement. Virgins would have been sacrificed, ticker tape parades would have tickered, etc.