Thursday, December 30, 2010

Government privilege

While attempting to call a state government 1-800 number, I was forced to listen to a long message being slowly read before hearing any menu options. It didn't really matter, all choices lead to a second long, slow message that included "due to high call volume we are unable to take your call at this time" and then automatically hung up on me. No option to be put on hold for an hour like usual - just a dial tone.

Imagine the outrage if a private company tried something like that.


  1. Have you ever called Blizzard Entertainment for game support?

    My WoW account was compromised and I got the same (lack of) service. No option to be put on hold.

    I'd be more outraged about the state number, myself.

  2. Hey this is one of the issues with having the government take over a service such as healthcare. How do you complain? Call your elected rep? Very effective I am sure.

  3. I have called Blizzard, but it was several years ago. It turned out their customer support was no a toll-free call.