Monday, November 22, 2010

FBI: Blacks more likely to commit hate crimes than whites

CNN offered a quick summary of a new FBI hate crime report. Of course, CNN was quick to point out that 62.4 percent of the offenders were white, while 18.5 percent were black.

What they forgot to include was a population comparison. Whites make up 74.8 percent of the population, while blacks are only 12.4 percent. That means that an average black person is 78.9 percent more likely to commit a hate crime than a white person. That's not a shame all people of a race should be burdened with, but it should dispel some of the popular views in our culture.

In addition, Jews were victims of 71.9 percent of the religiously-motivated hate crimes, while Muslims were 8.4 percent. Between 1.2 and 2.2 percent of the population is Jewish, and between 0.6 and 1.6 percent is Muslim.

Every hate crime is a problem, but it's good there were only 6,600 in the whole country in 2009. The crimes against gays lined up with the popular opinion, but the idea of the white hate monger and the anti-Islamic bully did not. The public underestimates the problem of Antisemitism and minority hate mongers, and how can we stop a problem if we don't understand it?


  1. You're exactly right. I went to the FBI crime stats once and for curiosity calculated "per capita" hate crime rates for perpetrators. It was as you said, i.e., African Americans more likely to commit hate crimes, and Jews by far most likely to be victim. That is NEVER reported in mainstream media - but facts are facts. Another thing to consider is that hate crimes in general are very rare. So any given person regardless of race, or religions is extremely unlikely to commit a hate crime. Thus, there is no reason to HATE a group just because they have a few members that skew statistics to make them look bad. Apparently, wide open and truth discussion is taboo on some topics.

  2. What a farce. Whites commit MORE total crimes....from the FBI site.