Sunday, March 7, 2010

Maine legislature debating cell phone-cancer link

The AP reported that the Maine legislature has assembled a collection of kooks and scaremongers into dredging up the old cell phone-brain cancer link.

The debate is being held to see if cell phone companies should be required to slap warning labels on their products. Possibly these labels would read:

Warning: You are using a cell phone. Technophobic fear mongers are aware that there is no evidence that cell phones cause brain cancer, but they want to remind you there's no evidence that they don't. Keep that in mind as you call your loved ones.
It doesn't matter that the science still shows no link, as proponents of the labels are able to cherry pick the experts they want from as far away as New York state and Sweden.

"Dora Anne Mills, director of the state Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said research by federal health and safety agencies does not justify a warning, although she acknowledged that uncertainty exists about the effects of long-term cell use..

But Mills said that if the state was to require warnings on everything with undefined risks, everything "from apples to xylophones" would have to be labeled."

The burden of proof is on the claim maker. Perhaps there is an increase in exploding eyeballs from long term Internet users. I can't find one study saying there is no correlation, but that doesn't mean every web page should be forced to display a warning sign of burst pupils just to be on the safe side.

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